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Olvo techniques is a company involved in TV repairs with more than 20 years of experience in consumer electronic repairs and now the pioneers in LCD/ LED and OLED TV repairs, with the best technicians in town. We are passionate and driven for perfection with a guaranteed service of quality

The best brains out there
What we can do

Have you got a faulty TV, no power, Switching off, No picture, No sound, or any other issue? We could help you fix the problem.

We repair all brands and models of LCD/ LED and OLED TVs including smart/ 3D, We repair most common issues such as sound issues, power issues, no picture, software issues etc. also we dig deep to diagnose any complicated or uncommon issues that could appear on TVs. We offer a reasonable price by always trying to do a repair at component level than replacing boards so that it would be more cost effective to our customer whilst it also reduces a global issue on electronic waste.

Why should you choose us ?

We are the only TV repair company that provide six months warranty for components that is replaced for the fault.

We offer free estimate.

We use original spare parts.

We work with the latest and greatest tools and equipment's.

We have the best and able technicians.

Our team go beyond boundaries to diagnose an issue to provide a guaranteed and quality service.

The best brains out there
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This is our our main office. we accept your orders here.

This is out main workshop where the actual work happens.

Find Us!

These are some images from our workshops.


One of our workshops

Clean, focused, professional


Finished work

Good as new after repairing


Repairing a Smart TV

We are good at smart TVs too!


Repairing an LCD TV

Repairing an LED back-lit TV


Our Workshop @ Olvo

A typical day at our workshops


Testing TVs

Testing to make sure everything is good



Diagnosing a huge TV


Ready to fix

Preparing to fix a big smart TV


Our main workshop

A typical sight in our main workshop

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Where To Find Us

11/A, Poorwarama Road, Nugegoda, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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